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From Marketing to Fiction, I write content that jumps off the page

Are you looking for someone to help your content SHINE? I want to help make your idea stand out using the art of words. Finding the breach between art and business is my specialty.

“Writing is its own reward.”

Henry Miller


Inventing Imagination

How does one learn creativity? Somehow, a lot of us grew up with the assumption that we only had to know the facts and logistical side to anything we did. After the age of ten, people stopped encouraging them as silly hobbies and tried to get us to memorize everything about our craft, including how to make…

Fostering Creativity

Some people view creativity as a personality trait. They think it really isn’t something to be learned, just hire someone who can do it better. It comes easier to some, that much is true, but not all can learn it so easily. Creativity is not just something that people either have or don’t have, it…

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